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While the highest quality possible is the goal most medical facilities strive for,
it is a routine practice at Advantage Diagnostic & 3T MRI.

How can you choose the best MRI?


We suggest that you choose an American College of Radiology (ACR) imaging center which:

  • Has a MRI scanner that is capable of providing the highest image resolution for patients. 

  • Employs courteous medical staff and radiologists who have the highest level of training possible.

  • Convenient appointment times to meet your busy schedule. Same day appointment are often available. Please call.

  • Has STAT reports available at the request of the referring physician.

  • Offers the first set of digital copies of imaging studies at no additional charge.

  • Charges no additional cost to either you or your insurance company.

  • Has a magnet capable of providing the fastest scan time to patients who are claustrophobic.

  • Has a convenient location.

By seeking an MRI center that satisfies all these criteria you will have chosen the best MRI center possible for you and your health.  Each individual will weigh the various factors differently but in the end, it is your choice.  We hope by detailing these factors we have helped you choose the best MRI facility today.

Advantage 3T MRI Imaging satisfies all of the above criteria and more.  We have addressed these areas on our website but you can always email us at Thank you for visiting our website and whichever imaging center you choose, we wish you the best health.

Advantage 3T MRI

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Diagnostic Imaging



The ultra-highifield strength of the 3T MRI system produces some of the highest resolution imaging in the industry. This allows our radiologists to identify potential problems, providing the referring physician with more accurate details, and bringing you imaging you've never seen before in lower quality MRI's.


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